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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

latest animatic

...with full sound, unlike the last one. hopefully going to be bringing some of my rough keys into this soon and a new soundtrack. anyway here it is for now,


Drew Roper said...

Nice animatic keith! zing.

gerry said...

I was a little confused by one or two moments, what is the dog growling at and attacks under the stereo? I like the diagetic music you use but why do you use lots of non-diagetic music for the rest of the film? Maybe good sound effects will carry the piece without being too reliant on a musically dominated soundtrack? Be aware of continuity, the dog doesn't have a bandaged head when we see it after the accident but when it is sat on the sofa it appears. Love the design and camera angles you use in the animatic. Will talk again when I see you at Solent.