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Monday, 20 April 2009

Colouring part two

So this is what I've decided upon for my final character aesthetic. I'm using two different techniques but i think they compliment each other.

The basic technique for colouring my man is this;
re-sized raw jpegs, paint over in photoshop on a new layer using a multiply blend. Using this layer to give a solid outline delete the unwanted exterior on the original photo. then duplicate this layer, threshold and overlay on top of the image using multiply to give the defined black lines.

Below is an example of a combination of this technique and finished painted dog frames ( I haven't painted the background yet)

Friday, 17 April 2009


Its been a while since posting here, that's mainly because Ive been concentrating on getting all the animation sorted and ready for shooting. well that's done now (mostly) so I'm moving onto colouring.

Here is an example of what Ive been doing,

Spot the difference. I have a slight issue over how to blend his fur layer into the final look. Layering it on top gives a nice result but means losing the lineart around his back and ears, multiplying the layer leaves the lineart but the black lines seem a little heavy, not a big issue as i can re-render what i have already once i make a decision. Below are some examples,

This last ones a quick experiment with using a lighter colour line. I'm not too keen.