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Thursday, 27 November 2008


Well its been over a week since my last post and that's mainly due to losing a lack of direction with the 'tone' of this film, how i want my audience to feel while watching it. The plot stems around a man experiencing a downward spiral until he eventually snaps, however I'm aware that this is the paradigm for slapstick which my film is not. This brings me to the realisation that i have inadvertently copied one of my favourite films, Clerks (1994)

Dante Hicks (right) is aggravated by his best friend Randel until he finally loses it, fighting Randall and wrecking his shop.

I want the tone of One man and his Dog to be similar, in some ways sadistic. The audience enjoying this mans shortcomings, while hopefully recognizing his tragedy. The comedy stemming from his tragedy/ despair. So to summarise, the tone of the film is bleak, downbeat, but ultimately humorous, self mocking and ironic.

Right, with that out the way i can move on with character designs and aesthetic style.

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