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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Aesthetic Mock-up

ok this is basically the kind of look I'm going for. the idea is a loose painted style with the lineart fading towards the background. As you can see it is quite a messy picture which is my reaction to the traditional clean and controlled aesthetic of much animation. the background and the texturing on the characters is my attempt to bring a richness into the aesthetic.

this is kind of a compromise between a more abstract painting which lost the lineart detail and a colder 'block colour' style of traditional animation. in this instance the lineart is possibly too light compared with the heavy black lines of the dog, thicker lineart may give a more coherent look but could possibly detract from the animation and make the scene too 'heavy', more tests are needed.


gerry said...

I really like the background in this piece, maybe you could play with focal planes? Have you seen the work of Igor Kovalyov, check out the film 'Milch' on YouTube, it's all drawn traditionally but then shot via Photoshop, I love the sense of depth he brings to the piece as well as the atmosphere created through lighting and depth of field, the soundtrack is minimal but carefully chosen. Check it out.

Anonymous said...