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Monday, 19 January 2009


Thought I would quickly share my thoughts on some of the various ways of painting my character. I initially thought of doing my whole cleanup and colouring within photoshop to avoid any issues with alpha channels and also to play with the software a bit to give an original look. I'm having some concerns over the amount of time this will take with my man character so above are some variations using lines painted within photoshop, original line art and no lines at all. its a bit of a headache, but not a particular urgent problem.

update!- below is just an animated test trying to put some of these styles into practice, although they may appear a little crappy on this blog player. I'm feeling the first two styles for their boiling fun look. the lineart on the third is way too heavy but equivalent of what I'm using for the dog. maybe lineart can work but looking at these quick test I'm thinking more towards the messy, suggestive colouring, hoping that the movement will still be readable.


Tom Long said...

hey jack, i reckon the third one in from the left is really nice, but being a mix of line and texture ,its probably the most time comsuming.

Drew Roper said...

Lookin good arkid!

The end three am cool, i reckon the 2nd one in from left, but if you make it the patchy colour as the one toms on about, rather than 'block' cream and know? thats look ziiiinging

Jack Bonnington said...

cheers guys, im thinking now going for simple black line art with texture for his shirt and maybe a crazy splodge of colour for his hair

gerry said...

It's good to have your visuals sorted at this stage so that you have a really good idea of how long the Photoshop material will take with your characters, have you tested anything out using batch processing yet? I really like the designs where you have a combination of outlined and block-colour characters, looking forward to seeing the end results.