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Friday, 12 December 2008

More Influences

This is going to be quite a brief post highlighting two influences to my animation. The first is Dead Leaves (2004). This is an extreme, fast paced Anime; essentially an extended fight scene. The influence i want draw from is the film's creative use of camera angles and extreme perspectives, playing with the medium in a filmic way.

I want to apply these principles to my film in a more subtle way to suit the tone of the film while still playing with composition. Hopefully making my film visually exciting.

The Second Influence is A Scanner Darkly (2006). This is a rotoscoped film which uses the rotoscoping technique to translate the disorientating nature of the script. For example the perspectives shifts, objects wobble and the drawn detail pulls in and out, corresponding to the main character, Robert Octor's deterioration due to drug use.

The main point i want to draw from these examples is that i am trying to be creative in the composition and layout. Also that i want to play with the medium visually to some extent.

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